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The division of orthopedic Surgery at Faisal Hospital focuses on the hindrance, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and abnormalities of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Orthopedic surgery may be a tough discipline requiring appreciation and understanding of advanced dimensions. We provide the newest procedures and minimally invasive treatments to assist shorten your recovery. once surgery is critical, our team of specially trained board-certified surgeons, nurses and clinical employees offer patients the most effective care before, throughout and when the surgery.

We have a tendency to believe that identification a patient's downside is additional necessary before surgery then we've got at our disposal a litany of inquiring services, like CT scan, MRI, NCS/EMG, radio-nuclear services, besides the routine investigations. We have a tendency to area unit terribly specific concerning dominant infection then we've got a state of the art CSSD (Central Sterilization offer Department) and infection management team. We have a tendency to pride one in having glorious therapy services, manned by extremely qualified staff.

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With state of the art infrastructure, technology and clinical experience, Faisal Hospital’s cardiology department is a major addition to the hospital’s specialties. Staffed by a number of Pakistan’s leading heart specialists and cardiothoracic surgeons Faisal Hospital offers the widest spectrum of services covering hindrance, medical specialty and treatment of all conditions and diseases associated with the human heart. Currently all the modern cardiac facilities are available in our Department of Cardiology. Our Health cardiologists assess our patients' heart conditions by using a number of procedures, including exercise and nuclear stress testing.

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At The Faisal Hospital's Department of Dentistry, our dental specialists give exhaustive care to meet every patient's oral wellbeing needs. Medications spread the full range of dental requirements for grown-ups, kids, and special needs of patients our expertise encompasses all phases of general dentistry, such as restorative, cosmetic, endodontic, periodontics, fixed and removable prosthetic, and implant services. Our surgery team, who provide the highest caliber surgical care for patients requiring implant placements, bone grafts, and treatment for injuries to teeth, bones, and tissues in the face. Faisal hospital also deals with emergency cases of dentistry round the clock because serve to patients is our core priority.

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The key service being provided by our department is the dialysis. Our dialysis center is one of the best dialysis centers of the country. It was established soon after the start of the hospital This center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even on public holidays. At our center we provide outpatient, inpatient and emergency dialysis facilities. The number of dialysis sessions has increased from a couple to number of dialysis sessions per month. Our dialysis staff is quite competent, experienced and hardworking and eager to come up to the expectations of the patients. The dialysis center also provides training to the new dialysis technicians.

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Department of Ophthalmology at Faisal Hospital provides comprehensive treatment solutions for patients seeking treatment for numerous eye diseases. Our eye specialist gives treatment for many rare to common eye conditions with full vary of eye care together with routine eye exams to complicated eye surgery. Our team of eye specialists and workers work closely to know and address patient’s eye care desires. Our specialized treatments embrace treatment for patients laid low with eye disease, devolution, Cataract, tissue layer Transplant, Retinal Diseases and nerves associated with the eyes. We tend to conjointly supply refractions, bring down corrective lenses and supply refractive optical maser surgery, cosmetic eye-surgery and get in touch with lens services.

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Any health services provider is inadequate without careful units for giving serious consideration treatment and checking sickness or unstable condition of patients. Like other wellbeing Health service providers, Faisal Hospital takes the pride of reporting best in class careful units for its patients. We believe desirable quality healthcare for all so, we are dealing with general surgery with the same mind-set. We have professionals to deal with injuries, illness and life threatening complications like accidents or severe health challenges.

Faisal International Hospital is working with Operational ICU 24/7 along with expert nursing staff that has plenty of experience in health sector.

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Internal Medicine

Faisal Hospital Medicine Department incorporates doctors whose essential job is to give deep consideration in the emergency department.

The extent of administration of Internal Medicine practice incorporates 24-hour care of general patients (examples are pneumonia, chronic lung diseases, urinary tract infections, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, acute stroke, liver diseases, diabetes-related conditions, etc.) as well as consultative administrations for patients who require medical procedure (surgery) or different techniques as a pre-arrangement.

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The Faisal Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology department is one of the most preeminent of its kind in the region. Dedicated to providing women of all ages with health and wellbeing, our board certified Obstetrics and Gynecology doctors offer exceptional treatment and care for a variety of issues, illnesses and disorders, ranging from care during pregnancy, infertility, menopause, as well as a multitude of other women’s health related afflictions.

To ensure the comfort of our patients at all times, the Faisal Hospital Dubai goes to every length to guarantee a stress-free and calm experience, along with delivering first-class care and support. In addition, the Obstetrics and Gynecology department offers preventative care and health education, providing essential information in continuing women’s wellness and aiming to prevent potential future illnesses. The department also offers prenatal and postnatal support for first-time mothers and current mothers.

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Pediatric Medical

The department offers both inpatient and outpatient care for children aged between 0 and 13 years of age, providing a round-the-clock service every day of the week. Above three thousand patients are seen by the department annually. The Pediatric Department's mission is to improve and promote the health of children through the provision of high quality patient care and family education. In addition, the sick children are admitted to Private Wing and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) also. Sub-specialty care in neonatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric hematology-oncology, pediatric neurology, pediatric nephrology and pediatric infectious diseases, is also provided by faculty trained in their subspecialty.

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Our Clinical services stand at the center missions of the Department of Psychiatry, alongside excellence in and research as well. The Department hosts extraordinary programs that specialize in the major mental diseases and substance abuse treatment. Faisal hospital’s range of clinical services spans all ages, from adolescent through geriatric populations, and all illnesses from the most severe and debilitating of psychoses and major affective disorders, to personality and addictive disorders. We have expert psychiatrist and doctors to treat patients with desired satisfaction.

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The department of Gastroenterology at Faisal Hospital provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art service by means of the outpatient and inpatient facilities. The department is manned by esteemed and experienced gastroenterologists, efficient medical officers, skilled and compassionate paramedical staff, and well-trained technicians. The aim of the department is to provide a patient-focused approach.

Now a day’s gastroenterology is branched into various subspecialties like hematology, pancreatology, functional bowel disorders with motility studies. Faisal hospital’s gastrointestinal services incorporate a joint medical and surgical approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic disorders including cancer.

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Our mission of Dermatology at Faisal Hospital is to be the leading center of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions through offering the best in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic care in an environment that fosters creativity and synergy. Faisal Hospital’s dermatology department offers expert medical surgical and aesthetic care for conditions involving skin treatment, hair treatment, and nails. Our expert doctors and registered nurses are committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare to our valuable patients.

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Trusted clients

We are committed to improve the lives of patients in the country, with trust building in years now we have number of trusted clients satisfied with our services.