There are number of services offered by Faisal Hospital which almost covers all the medical field areas. For detailed information please click the link http://www.faisalhospital.com/Home/Services

Faisal Hospital offers various options for you to pay your health service bills.

Yes! We provide separate rooms on special request.

Yes! You can call our emergency helpline number to avail of this service. Emergency helpline contact number (123-456-789)

General visitation hours are -------- to -------, and we request you abide by our quiet hours.
There are some areas where patient request, clinical needs or unit logistics require visitation restrictions. Speak to your nurse about any limitations that might exist in your area.

You can simply call on our helpline number (123-456-789) to book an appointment or by filling an online form on our website.

You can register your complaint by an E-mail to (abcdef@faisalhospital.com) or by call at (123-456-4899).

You can get a discharge summary from the ------------- Counter by simply filling a form.

There are cases where you need to pay the advance, for the details you can contact the number of our service (123-456-789)

You need to bring all of your medical history while visiting the hospital. If you are only treated by Faisal hospital then a patient card would be enough.

You can call our services helpline at (123-456-789) to get the details OR you can simply go through our website link: http://www.faisalhospital.com/Home/Services.

Yes! You can see online lab reports but not all of reports, as the online portal only allows pathology reports, for the rest of reports you can visit Faisal hospital.

Yes! We have a lot of government and Non-Government organizations who are associated with us and we treat the same way as we deal with other patients.

Trusted clients

We are committed to improve the lives of patients in the country, with trust building in years now we have number of trusted clients satisfied with our services.